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Clanwilliam Health is the anchor for Dublin-headquartered Clanwilliam’s continued growth, investment and innovation in the Asia-Pacific healthcare technology markets. Since 2017, Clanwilliam has invested in excess of $100m in this region.

Auckland-based healthcare technology companies HealthLink and Konnect NET have been part of the Clanwilliam family of businesses since 2017 and 2018 respectively.

At the end of 2019 the two companies were brought together to create Clanwilliam Health, leveraging the brand name of its sister company in Ireland.  

Combining the strengths of these two companies creates a financially stronger business that’s better able to invest in its products, people and customer service –  and ultimately convert these into stronger customer outcomes.

Both companies have played a significant role in the New Zealand healthcare technology markets. HealthLink has been operating since 1993, laying down the foundation for secure information exchange, while Konnect NET has been providing the secure backbone through which insurers can interact with their healthcare provider partners since 2008.

Their common vision of enabling healthcare providers to deliver the best possible service to their clients makes the collaboration a perfect fit.

Working together as Clanwilliam Health, these two companies can combine their expertise to lead the market in standards and security to improve patient outcomes and interactions with the health sector.

With operations in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, Clanwilliam Health is the trusted connection that ensures the right information is with the right people at the right time, improving patient outcomes.